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MiM 010 – Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee

Confession:  I am not a car person I’ve always thought of the automobile as just a mode of transportation.  Nothing fancy, totally practical.  However, the marketing person in me...

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MiM 008 – Worlds of Puppetry Museum in Atlanta, Georgia

Confession:  I am a secret puppet person (I just didn’t know it) I certainly didn’t think of myself as a puppet person before I visited the Worlds of Puppetry...

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MiM 007 – Pinball Hall of Fame Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

Confession:  I am not a gamer. I mean, I’ve played games in arcades.  I’ve played pinball machines in the local Four Thieves bar when I was growing up (don’t...

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MiM 006 – Museum of Design Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia

Confession:  I love product design. As a product manager, my world revolves around products and how they’re designed.  When I tell people that my day job is a product...

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MiM 005 – Embroidery Museum in Louisville, Kentucky

Confession:  I have never even tried embroidery. I’ve done some crocheting when I was younger.  Took up knitting when I was older, but I have never gotten the hang...

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MiM 004 – Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky

Confession:  I love manufacturing. I work in the manufacturing industry, so when my travels combine both a factory and a museum – sign me up!  Have you ever watched...

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