MiM 010 – Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee

Confession:  I am not a car person I’ve always thought of the automobile as just a mode of transportation.  Nothing fancy, totally practical.  However, the marketing person in me completely understands the emotional appeal cars can have on people.  And the product manager in me can appreciate a good design in any form.  So I...

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MiM 008 – Worlds of Puppetry Museum in Atlanta, Georgia

Confession:  I am a secret puppet person (I just didn’t know it) I certainly didn’t think of myself as a puppet person before I visited the Worlds of Puppetry Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.  But after visiting and talking to Jill Malool, Director of the museum, I realized I’ve been a closet puppet person for years. ...

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MiM 007 – Pinball Hall of Fame Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

Confession:  I am not a gamer. I mean, I’ve played games in arcades.  I’ve played pinball machines in the local Four Thieves bar when I was growing up (don’t worry, it was small town Nebraska and the family-friendly bar was also the only place in town that served food).  We even had an Atari when...

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MiM 006 – Museum of Design Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia

Confession:  I love product design. As a product manager, my world revolves around products and how they’re designed.  When I tell people that my day job is a product manager, the usual response is, “What is that?”  I’m not even sure my family completely understands it.  A product manager’s job is to figure out what...

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MiM 005 – Embroidery Museum in Louisville, Kentucky

Confession:  I have never even tried embroidery. I’ve done some crocheting when I was younger.  Took up knitting when I was older, but I have never gotten the hang of working with a needle and thread.  The closest was sewing lessons, but all I made was an apron and I was done.  The pinnacle of...

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MiM 004 – Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky

Confession:  I love manufacturing. I work in the manufacturing industry, so when my travels combine both a factory and a museum – sign me up!  Have you ever watched the television show, “How Things Are Made”?  I am completely sucked in when I come across an episode – I’ve even recorded it (check my DVR...

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